How We Work

We are passionate about what we are doing for women worldwide over the age of 40. Many women know what they want in fashion, but just don’t know how to go about putting it all together. This is our expertise and this is what we do.

We show women how to mix ‘This with This’ - how an inexpensive blouse can be matched with designer jeans and accessories. We have been humbled over the past 24 months with the amazing growth of our followers on Instagram. From 2 followers back in September 2016 (our family), we have now grown a loyal and dedicated following of women across the world, many of whom look at our posts daily.

Working with “This with This”

We welcome the opportunity to partner with businesses that share our vision, passion and values.

Whilst many influencers agree to ‘paid-posts’, whether they believe in the product they are promoting or not, that’s not our style. We will only ever agree to a limited number of paid-posts on ‘This with This’.

We are prepared to get right behind and promote good products and ideas and recommend them to our loyal followers, but we will not promote products that we do not believe in.

How can I collaborate with “This with This”?

Please send us an email to and chat to us about how you would like to work together.