What camera do you use to take your photos?

We use an iPhone X to take all of the photos on our website and Instagram account. Neither of us are particularly “tech-savvy” so we never use any fancy editing tools to change the look of our images, just portrait mode on the iPhone when taking the shot itself.

Who takes your photos?


We do! Sometimes it takes a few shots to get the right one (we’re always getting that annoying “your storage is full” pop-up). If we’re both in the shot we’ll usually ask one of our husbands, friends or even someone walking by if they can use our phone to take a photo of us.

How did you start ThisWithThis?

We’ve always been interested in style and fashion both coming from an Interior Design background. It wasn’t until we lived in the same building that we decided to start taking photos of what we were wearing because people kept asking where we picked up our clothes from. That’s how This With This started back in 2016 (having never used Instagram before) we started with a few of our friends and family members following us and then grew our following from there.

Who’s Frankie?

Frankie is Leanne’s adorable minature long-haired dachshund! Sunday is Frankie day on the This With This Instagram account so keep your eyes out, he can be quite sassy at times.

I have a different question to ask!

If you have something personal to ask us please feel free to do so in the comments (you can be anon if you like) or via our Instagram account. Sadly we can’t respond to all emails of a personal nature otherwise we’d end up replying to email all day long!

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